Monday, October 12, 2015

sneakers sneakers AND MORE SNEAKERS

 Today's featured shoes
Hey Guys! Wow It has been a LONG time, sorry about the delay I hope my fans haven't given up on me! And thank you in advance for reading it and staying active on my blog!!! :) While on my long break from writing I have got a lot more sneakers!! (yay). I can't wait to wear all of them and get even more! Just kidding I don't need more, but I WANT MORE :).

The First Sneaker I got while on that break was my white low Converse. I wanted a more simple look than my usual crazy color look. I wanted a look that was traditional but still cool and modern. Plus, they are in fashion right now so you can get them pretty much at any sneaker store! They are a cool and easy sneaker to wear anywhere -- such as at school, work, the mall or anywhere else you want to go.

The next sneaker I want to talk about is my Nike Prime Hype DF sneaker. This sneaker is more crazy then the Converse! This is one is more my style and color! This sneaker is a high top, which I do like in basketball sneakers and I like it even more when it's a comfortable high top.  What I mean by that is: you know when you try on a high top and it like annoys your leg or your ankle?  That's so annoying!  The difference is these shoes are high tops but they are so flexible they don't even touch my ankle or bother my foot at all! Which is great! That's why this is such a great shoe!

The last and (may be the best) sneaker I got was my new PAIR OF AIR JORDANS!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT! If you dont know already I am a HUGE Air Jordan fan! I love almost all of their sneakers, if not all of them! Not to mention I think they are always quality made! They never seem to use cheap or junky fabric. Which is great, but the pair I want to talk about today is the new ones I bought. Its the Jordan 1 Flight 3 shoes in gray and blue! I think they are one of the coolest ones out there next to my other pair! They even sold out of them!!! I was lucky enough to find one of the last ones. They are such a great shoe because they are my favorite style, favorite color, and favorite brand! How much better can it get! It may look a little plain to you but if you look closely there is a cool design that's on it that I love! Though this shoe is more grown up because it has some duller colors it's still a cool, well made shoe!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

New can be just as good as old

My LeBron 23's
Hello everybody! I can't believe it is already late March!! That is insane. Ok, today I want to talk about the differences between new and old shoes and why some of them were cool back in the day. The first sneaker I want to talk about is the Starbury sneakers. They originally became a brand to promote basketball with an affordable sneaker. They were a huge hit in the year(s) 2006-2007 which as you can see didn't last very long. I thought they looked fun, colorful and really cool -- I even had a pair of them! I was little at the time, but I knew I had a sense for sneakers -- even back then :)

My Starbury's

Then next sneaker I want to talk about is the "LeBron 23s" Back in 2005 (WOW) I had these and I LOVED THEM! They were the first one of my sneakers that I was super excited about!  I felt so cool walking around in them! I loved them so much that even to this day I still have them!!!! The funny thing is one of my closest friends owns a pair of the new LeBron's.  He really likes them, he wears  his almost everyday! I think that the quality of the LeBron 23's was extremely well made, even and especially back then! I think what got my attention when I was little was the great and cool colors and the actual shape of it.  I have always liked the high top look and I thought it was functional and well represented.
My friend's shoe

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


SneakerTeenz logo (created by my brother)
Hello Everybody! I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while.. school -_-.. Anyway, forget about school and lets talk about some cool sneakers! I was at walking by Incredible Feets and I noticed that they were having a huge sale, so of course me being the sneaker lover I am like "I gotsta check this out." um wait, I didn't say "gotsta" I said uhh "I absolutely need to check out these marvelous sneakers." jk :) So anyway, I was checking out all these really cool and colorful sneakers and I saw this one pair of Air Jordans that caught my eye: it was blue and orange and it was The Style!

Although I love Air Jordans another sneaker that caught my eye, that actually is not a sneaker (WHAT), it's a sneaker called Superga. It's a minimalistic casual shoe that I think is very pretty and a cool looking shoe! Feel free to comment on the shoes that interest you! And, by the way I read all the comments even if I don't respond for a while! Going back to the Superga though, I think they are a great shoe because they are not too expensive and they are a shoe you can wear with just about anything. If you're in the gym or just going to school/work they work either way! The thing that was also cool about them is they come in a variety of colors and that's not a thing you see often when it comes to those low cute shoes :).

I love that when I go into stores such as Foot Locker or Incredible Feets they all have a large variety of Air Jordans or other kinds of sneakers. That might seem obvious like, "woah  a sneaker store that actually has a lot of sneakers"... well what I mean is that if for example you want Adidas brand sneakers -  they have a whole section designed specifically for that brand which makes the customer not feel overwhelmed and find exactly what their looking for! For example, my dad is really into running (check out his blog!) because he's really into running he doesn't really like looking at Air Jordan or any basketball type sneakers. Instead, he focuses more on the running brands of sneakers. That's why its good to put the brands like Brooks and Asics in different sections, so he could find what he's looking for with out the hassle :). I  hope you enjoyed another blog post! I really appreciate you reading it and supporting me! I will try to blog more often too!

Monday, December 8, 2014

lots and lots of sneakers

Hello again sneaker fans! My family and I went to SA Elite (Sports Authority Elite) which has an amazing variety of all different types of sneakers. They have one specific pair that I really like it's the Gel noosa tri 9. Although I don't own the sneaker, I still think it's an all around great shoe! Since that shoe is not in my price range, instead I went next door to Famous Footwear and got a great deal! I got the Asics Gel-Contend 2 and I am soo excited! First of all they feel great and secondly and most important :) they LOOK GREAT! I broke them in while volunteering over the weekend, it was a great because I had to stand and walk around a lot so it was good to get a feel of how they really fit! I was very happy with the result  - they fit my foot great and they look cool :).

In responce to a comment on my last blog post which asked "do you have a high arch or a low arch"? I responded high arch, The Asics Gel-Contend 2 is a great shoe because it completely supports someone that has a high arch like me. When I was younger sometimes I would have trouble shopping for shoes (but it was no issue I still bought way too many sneakers lol :) ) Seriously though sometimes the sneakers I would try on in stores wouldn't fit me right and would feel oddly tight and loose and weird in places. It also didn't help I have a very slim foot! That's ok though I still got a lot of sneakers and I still am getting them!

I cannot believe how many sneakers I saw at SA Elite though! They had a whole entire wall full of women's sneakers, another wall full of Men's sneakers and then even another wall full of men and women's sneakers! It was crazy, but so much fun to look at! The first thing that anyone sees when looking at sneakers are the color, but that's important too and you might say to yourself I don't care about the look I just care about the feel. Even though I respect that like I  mentioned in my last post, you always look at color when you first look at sneakers that's what makes you want to explore the sneaker further that's what draws you in AND that's what makes you want to buy them!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

sneaker advise!

Saucony Kinvara 5
Hello Sneaker fans! I'm so glad that you guys have read my blog! Stay tuned for more blog updates, I am here now to talk about a comment posted on my blog regarding exercise sneakers. So when I work out or do any type of physical activity I like to work out in different and various sneakers. for example, if I am running on the track I want to look for a more minimalistic shoe, giving me less weight and more energy. A good minimalistic shoe is the Saucony Kinvara 5's. I had them when I ran Cross Country and they were a great minimalistic shoe, they fit my foot great and they were very comfortable which is important when picking a shoe! 

I talked about comfort in my last blog post, but even though comfort and quality is important when picking a good workout shoe, it's also important to pick a shoe that has good color and design so you can feel peppy and good while you are working out to encourage you to keep going! And, if your just working out at the gym a good sneaker to wear is the Flex Experience Rn. It is EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE and looks really cool! Hope you guys enjoyed My second post I
hope to bring many more and keep reading for more blog SNEAKER fun!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My first post

This is the Air Jordan Super.Fly 2.
Hello Sneaker Fans! I'm very excited to introduce my new blog talking about all kinds of awesome sneakers! So before I get started let me tell you guys a little about my sneakers! I love sneakers and I have a lot! So I will talk about my favorite pair, which is my Air Jordan's! They are called the Air Jordan super.Fly 2 Christmas! I think they are a really nice shoe, they feel GREAT which is really important when it comes to picking a sneaker! 

Most people choose sneakers because of the design and color, actually I must say sometimes I do that too.. bad habit :).  That could be a problem when it comes to long term use of a shoe because even though they say a shoe molds to the exact shape of your foot its not always true, but on the other hand you don't want the shoe molding to your foot if it never felt right to begin with, it can actually cause greater problems in the future! 

I really enjoy the colors and design of the sneakers I choose! Especially my super fly Air Jordan's they are great when I casually walk around day to day and when I play basketball too! All around a great shoe with great colors I Highly recommend it! I hope you enjoyed my first post, come back again! And please feel free to comment what you want me to focus on more!